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WWW — and I bet you think that refers to the Worldwide Web — but it does not. In real space, not cyberspace, www refers to the web of wildlife and water. These two "user friendly" items are all it takes to control this nation from border to border. Public policies, therefore, governing their use is as important to our freedoms as is our U.S. Constitution.

One unique characteristic of water and wildlife is the lack of recognition of any geo-political boundaries of nations, states, counties or private properties. Water and wildlife cross such borders wherever the laws of nature dictate. The laws of man, however, regulating water and wildlife have become the most significant in Americans’ lives. What cannot be controlled by one, can be achieved by the other.

The Endangered Species Act, the Clean Water Act and the Wetlands Act are three of the most powerful laws ever passed in our nation. The need for these laws is real — human beings have a tough time sharing and caring for planet Earth. Appropriately, therefore, we have required of ourselves through these and similar laws to both share and to care. None of these laws are, however, intended for social/cultural engineering, land control or the undermining of rights guaranteed by our U.S. constitution. Yet if we as Americans aren’t very careful and watchful, their legislative legacy will be destructive — not constructive.

Waging unpopular campaigns against land use and governmental bodies is unnecessary when water and wildlife can do the work for you. These both have strong emotional, public health and mass media appeal. These driving forces provide excellent camouflage for the agendas of population and land control.

Let water and wildlife do the walking, let the media do the talking, and news releases will form public opinion to create the desired political clout.

It’s well worth considering how many different single issues make a very strong and controlling web. Spotted owls, salmon, instream flows, TMDLs, non point-source pollution, neo-tropical birds, wolves, etc., etc., all have our futures within their web. A web of laws — worth the watching.

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