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Cummulative Effects of a Third Kind...  Why your interests and value systems are getting a smaller and smaller part of the public land pie, and what to do about it.  

Small Towns and Big Lives... How and why your organizaiton's interests should be effective at the local, state, and national levels.


Subsidizing Spirit …inspirational and motivational, this program creates awareness and clarification to the often over looked contributions of rural America to the nation. Why is it that urban Americans spend so much time and effort trying to get 'back to the country' and what are the benefits of maintaining a strong rural segment in society. Plenty of positives for both urban and rural audiences to think about long after the program.

Polarization is for Polar Bears…looks at changes brought on by this mobile society. Unique in its perspective, this program articulates that far from the common presumption that it's only the 'old timers' who should change with the times, there is a role and responsibility of the 'move ins' which requires change on their part. Audiences are given many positives to think about in terms of the benefits of respecting the need for change on all parts of 'mobile America'. This program outlines how the urban and rural segments benefit each other and should continue to do so.

Snatch'em Bald Headed …this thoughtful and reflective presentation offers for the audience's consideration a fresh look at any industry's responsibility and rights in meeting changing social values. It asks the audience to consider if industries are making things harder then they have to be in complying with environmental regulations. It asks the question do our backs and bank accounts have to be up against the wall before we agree to make significant changes in technology and approaches?

Legacy Worth Leaving…inspiring listeners to take pride in the accomplishments of the past rather then spend time being ashamed of past mistakes. While valuing the lessons of the past, this program emphasizes why teaching younger folks the lessons we have learned of how to do things better is the real legacy worth leaving them. It advances the idea that learning from the past is how a living legacy of doing things right BUT doing them------is how to approach the 21 century----and create a legacy of learning.

Carnival Culture…A moving and inspirational presentation on the benefits and contributions of small communities by staying genuine and not allowing themselves to be culturally and legislatively devalued. Carnival Culture is about dressing the part, but no longer living the part…and how this just isn't a good enough cultural or economic standard for any society.

PC vs PC…Political courage versus political correctness. A moving and somewhat humorous look at the comfort zone of political correctness and why it is so destructive. It makes the case for exercising political courage by small efforts over time so that when the big events happen you have a reservoir of political courage to drawn upon. It offers some straight forward examples for the audience to consider. An especially interesting presentation for high and low profile Americans wondering how and why to re-engage in the political and public policy arenas.

EIH NETWORK…Ethics, intelligence and humor. A thought provoking and upbeat presentation on the three things that built this nation. Why we should, as a nation, get back to using what used to generally characterize Americans, and are the three things that can solve problems when used in combination. Why these three things bring out the best in us, and our public policies.

Concrete Connections... A fun and productive presentation on why and how everyday folks and organizations should network and communicate with elected officials at all levels of government.

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