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Just your lives, liberties and pursuits of happiness…that’s all.  

The astronomical numbers of the stimulus packages, which have been bombarding all media mechanisms and the peace of mind of Americans, pale in comparison to the significance of other numbers which are taking control of our lives at warp speed.  

A sampling of numbers such as S. 787, HR 2749, $175 per dairy cow, $20 per hog, and 60 votes have the potential to destroy this nation’s framework and foundations.  

All of the numbers above are tied directly to proposed national legislation; and to a super majority voting strength in the United States Senate as of June 30, 2009.  

Control of water, and food production; taxation on animal greenhouse gas emissions and a majority voting strength that can pass just about any agenda are at our front door.  

While media reporting is focused on the economic peril of auto makers, banks and the real estate markets the far more significant impacts of the legislation associated with these numbers goes unrecognized and underreported. The potential impacts of just these few numbers would profoundly change both the framework and foundations of this nation. Don’t let us delude ourselves by thinking that the ‘Constitution’ can protect our country’s framework and foundations in this day and age. Only the voices and courage of each individual are going to save this nation and all that we hold dear.  

Why would I make such a strong statement? Because the votes are against us when it comes to blocking destructive legislation; because the elected voices of reason and balance are fewer in number than ever, because the complexities of today’s issues are unprecedented and elected officials need consistent, proactive, credible and persuasive arguments to try and change opinions and votes…that’s why! The need is far beyond both the capacity and capability of a few elected officials to protect our past, present and futures.  

We must each significantly contribute to the public outcry against the oppression of proposed laws such as these. Their tyranny cannot be stopped alone by industry associations visiting Capitol Hill and discussing the issues. These times call for more citizen action, at a much faster pace and in a larger public arena.  

Getting the word out to our nation can be done by using all technologies to communicate. A ground swell of awareness must happen now! Many citizens just are not aware of what is ‘afoot’.  

We need to communicate not with hysteria and not with inaccurately descriptive words. For example, we should not refer to the Clean Water Restoration Act (S. 787) as ‘stupid’. It is not stupid…it is tyrannical and destructive. We don’t get civic or media attention by referring to serious matters with anemic and sophomoric adjectives. We should not refer to the Food Safety Enhancement Act (HR-2749) as ‘ridiculous’. It is far, far worse than that. Read it and weep! Then….get on the information highway and communicate with maturity, accuracy and well reasoned intensity.  

These are not times for casual conversations that lead no where and accomplish nothing. These are times that call for caring for your nation and acting like it.  

Utilize the American love affair with technologies to bring these types of numbers to the attention of the mainstream media venues. Make no mistake, when media outlets hear the hue and cry of millions of Americans about tyrannical legislation and its ramifications it WILL make news. A few Senators and Representatives simply cannot create the necessary level of awareness or impact the court of public opinion the way the voices of millions of Americans can. Use your voices----both written and verbal!  

Actually, there are millions of liberal and conservative Americans who will understand the negative impacts to their lives if just the numbers referred to in this article become law. Shed the political party lines, and stand to defend this nation from tyranny and domination before your lives, liberties and pursuits of happiness equal ZERO as these and other such numbers add up to total domination.  

Tag Line: Kathleen Jachowski is a free lance writer and public speaker on natural resources and cultural issues. She also serves as Ex. Dir. for the Guardians of the Range. Opinions expressed are her own. She can be reached at:

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