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- High Plains Rider, April 1998

The Earth Liberation Front (ELF)-what a strange word combination. The word Front in the title actually refers to the attempt to cover up what these folks really are-terrorists. Eco-terrorist attacks are not new to folks who work and earn their living in the natural resource industries. Several human beings and millions of dollars have been lost at the hands of those who would have it their way or no way! Until the recent arson events in Vail, Colorado, however, the recreation industry had avoided being a major target in the United States.

However, all things come to he who waits-unfortunately. While the personal heartaches and economic damage done to many industries has been part of more then one Congressional testimony and the occasional news story, the main stream public has remained only momentarily interested. Perhaps now, however, the domestic terrorists have gotten the sustained attention of a public at risk.

There is a special irony about an organization that promotes itself as one of liberation by holding the public hostage. Maybe these folks are operating under a Bill Clinton definition of liberation! They may even have been raised in one of Hillary's global villages, and gone to a village school-and that might account for the village idiot approach to problem solving. One just never knows nowadays!

What everyone should know, is that to the terrorist only one things matters i.e. his or her own opinion on any given subject. Personal philosophy reigns supreme.
For any of you slow to catch on, terrorists offer the fast track program in the form of bombs, death and destruction. Absolute anger rules the lives of these human beings.

Terrorist actions towards the recreation industry were as inevitable as the rising and setting of the sun. Recreation was just a little further down the list from timber, mining, ranching/farming, oil and gas etc. etc. However, attacking recreation through terrorism opens Pandora's Box on the high alter of things we really care about, like to do and have a right to do.

Such high profile terrorism with big-ticket toys may well backfire on the ELF.
People take their recreation seriously. They plan for it, pay big bucks for it, and do not take kindly to having it violated. The actions in Vail, Colorado may well have unleashed the necessary scrutiny and outrage that will appropriately sensitize the general public. Investigative efforts will be enhanced by sustained interest of those inconvenienced and alarmed by what and who could be next. There will now be the standing question in the minds of many recreationists as to which resort is next on the hit list of liberation. Since liberating the earth is the goal, then it's logical to assume that resorts worldwide need to be liberated. Family vacations will now take on a whole new dimension.

Far more important than the destruction of property, is the destruction of Americans' rights to operate within the law. Terrorists have no respect for the public processes that have been agreed upon by the American public through their government as to how we work out differences of opinion. The message for those of you who are in denial is that-you will follow the dictates of ELF and others or pay with your personal liberties and your life. The time-honored slogan of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness has been rewritten. It now reads -Your Life; Your Liberty is being pursued by the Earth Liberation Front and friends.

Permission granted to reprint in full or part with full credit given to author.

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