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Presidential hopefuls and dolphins—is there really a difference? For our nation’s sake let’s hope so. Better yet—let’s profile the topic of illegal immigration to help make it so!

As presidential hopefuls surface from the calm waters of political correctness, it might be a little difficult at first to distinguish them from dolphins. Both groups are slick, shinny, and smooth. They briefly pierce the water’s surface and then quickly disappear from sight. Who can blame them—the glare of public scrutiny gets very old very quickly.

Dolphins can be expected to return to view when they need to take in more air. Presidential hopefuls, on the other hand, return to view when they want or need to blow out more air—hot or otherwise! Recognizing this difference puts you well on the way to distinguishing between the two groups. Having been a political candidate myself, I offer these comments as helpful observations and not criticisms.

While dolphins are quite content being one of many—peas in a "pod" so to speak, presidential hopefuls seek and need to distinguish themselves from fellow candidates. Voters seek to find the reasons to vote for one candidate over another. Candidates are always seeking to find an issue and position that will distinguish them from the rest of the pack. Unfortunately, all to often important issues that will really do that are avoided by candidates. The courage to distinguish themselves on uncomfortable but very important issues is hard to come by. Illegal immigration is one such uncomfortable topic.

Any American seeking the highest office in the land should be required to state what they would do to bring this serious problem under control. Our once sovereign borders between Canada and Mexico have gone the way of the global village. They are meaningless, and an overburdened and under staffed Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) simply cannot cope. Texas, Arizona and California for example are all being subjected to hordes of Latin Americans crossing into the United States illegally.

The current tactic of these desperate illegal immigrants is to cross over at points along the border where they know no Border Patrols are to be found. There are hundreds of such miles. Douglas, Arizona a small town 120 miles southeast of Tucson recently experienced 600 illegals in mob formation. The trail of illegal immigrants is constantly strewn with cut fences, butchered cattle, cut water lines, piles of excrement, soiled diapers etc., etc.. The American citizens in Douglas and its environs can no longer leave their homes unoccupied for fear of the hordes moving through which take what they need. This is not a fairytale. It is real life in America today. Spokesman Rob Daniels of the Border Patrol Tucson sector has gone on record as explaining that Cochise County Arizona and the Douglas municipal area "has become the busiest sector in the nation. Already this year, we’ve turned back 250,000 illegals, and the year isn’t even half through." Senate hearings held this year only confirmed this and far more as testimony was heard from various parts of the country.

The chief of the INS, Mr. Gus de la Vina admitted at this Senate hearing that at best the service might be able to provide 100 to 150 agents for this area. He said that in spite of the fact that the law mandates that the INS bring the border partrol up to strength by hiring at least 1000 new agents annually through 2001.

The drain on all resources and citizens of the United States is almost beyond measure with this problem. Aside from abusing the social programs setup for legal immigrants and needy Americans, there is evidence that numerous illegal immigrants are using this avenue as cover for drug couriers. Once in the United States they disappear into our open society bringing their "trade" with them.

Illegal immigration is not a state level problem---it is a national policy problem. It should be a major issue in the presidential election campaign of 2000. Regardless of political affiliation, anyone seeking to lead this country should be more then willing to know this issue and substantively speak to this issue.

A presidential candidate worth voting for would have the courage to make this an issue. More importantly, Americans should demand that illegal immigration be a national campaign issue. It is our children, our resources and our sovereignty that are being abused. A willingness to defend all of these would distinguish any candidate.

Permission granted to reprint in full or part with full credit given to author.

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