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In 1985 Kathleen married and moved from Atlanta, Georgia to Cody, Wyoming.  This  change from an urban to a rural lifestyle brought with it many opportunities to observe and participate in the efforts of rural communities attempting to relate and communicate with our nation's larger urban arenas on natural resource and cultural issues. 

Kathleen has the unique perspective of living on a rural working ranch setting in Wyoming, yet having been born and  raised in the metropolitan setting of Washington, D.C. Graduating with a degree in geography from the University of Maryland her strong interest has been how public policies affect large regional landscapes from all perspectives.

 Kathleen has been directly involved in natural resource and cultural issues since moving to Wyoming.  Her successful efforts on the economic development council of Cody's Chamber of Commerce resulted in the re-permitting and refinancing of a ski run just outside of Yellowstone National Park on the Shoshone National Forest.   

This began a long and continuing involvement with natural resource utilization on public lands that has included forestry, mining and grazing issues.  Her involvement and recognized insights into theses complicated issues has resulted in Kathleen testifying before both the U. S. Senate on forestry issues, and the U. S. House of Representatives on the impact of United Nations designations of Heritage Areas on surrounding communities; and speaking at the United Nations North American Conference on World Forests in Vancouver, B.C. 

She has participated in the political process as a candidate in a U. S. Senate primary in Wyoming.  

As a member of Federated Women in Timber Kathleen has lobbied on Capitol Hill helping to bring the voice of rural communities to the decision makers that impact their lives. 

She currently serves as Executive Director for the Guardians of the Range.  This organization focuses on sound science and community partnerships in the grazing of livestock on public lands in northwest Wyoming. 

It is this unique experience of living in both the rural and urban lifestyles of this nation and being directly involved in the issues she speaks about that brings credibility to Kathleen's presentations. 

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