Public Speaker on Public Issues


EcoTerrorists/Animal Rights

Playing for Keeps


Payments to Peasants

Political Involvement & Process

Conservative Totalitarinism

Gun Control

A Cesspool of Science
Adults Ask Chldish Questions


Conservative Totalitarianism
A Passing Grade for Teachers
Thin Leadership On Thinning Of Our National Forests
A Primary Concern
Free Speech - It's Cost Is Courage
Destruction from Within

Endangered Species

Hypocrisy of Democracy
Protecting Sludge
Concrete Connections
A Different National Debt
Buckets of Heartache
A Web Worth The Watching


A Passing Grade for Teachers
Earth In Education

Land Control


A Web Worth the Watching
All Land is My Land
Weeds in Wonderland


Range Rage
Elf and Alf
Taxes Talk But Are We Really Listening

Urban-Rural -Cultural

The Spirit Of Slickers And Stickers
Range Rage
Blowing Smoke
Culture Remnants

Trade Policies

Green Ties Or Diplomatic Ties


A Tax Break For Mother Earth


Connecting The Dollar Dots
Stealth Amnesty
The Hertiage Foundation
Destruction From Within
Distinguishing Among Dolphins
Easy In Provides Easy Out


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